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Emojis, fonts, and design tips

With Storm Ali on the way, make sure you barricade the doors and windows, get some tins of spam at the ready, and read through some interesting articles that we’ve picked out for you from the past week.

Technology,Opinion Cain Ullah

Mobile Metamorphosis

In a world where consumer demand changes as fast as the direction of the wind, building native applications for proprietary platforms is too expensive and too slow to deliver a great customer experience. Enter React Native.

Leadership Cain Ullah

SoDA Lessons in Leadership and Empathy

The Society of Digital Agencies is an extremely diverse community of digital agency leaders from across the globe. At the most recent General Member Meeting in Lisbon, I discovered new learnings regarding listening and empathy, and how both are critical to being a good leader.

Technology Jan Kuehle

React Native: A Checkbox Story

In a recent blog, we described how we built the app for Pride in London with React Native. We mentioned how important accessibility was and that it provided some new challenges. I want to describe one example in more detail: checkboxes.

Delivery Michaela Dennis

From belly to brain: Turning gut feelings into explanations using Kanban

As someone who has worked in delivery for a while I have come to trust my instincts and know when certain suggestions aren’t going to help a team to deliver. But you need more than instincts to be able to explain situations clearly to your clients. Thanks to a recent Kanban training course I now have the language and solid examples backed by theory to do just that.

UX & Design Reece Wykes

When life gives you lemons… you throw a party

I’ve heard numerous tales about the famous Red Badger summer parties, and this year I was lucky enough to not only attend, but also take on the challenge of branding the weekend. The Badgers and their plus ones were flown off to Malaga for a weekend of music, massages and mojitos.

Technology Red Badger Team

Elm, what does the future have in store?

Elm is a pure, functional language that compiles to JavaScript. It is a delightful language to build reliable websites and webapps. It has a very strong emphasis on simplicity, ease-of-use, and quality tooling.