UX & Design Sinem Erdemli

Human Centred Problem Solving with Anthony Nolan

We ran a two-day training session for Anthony Nolan to help the organisation adopt a more human-centric approach. The workshop was attended by representatives from different areas of the Anthony Nolan charity, from Technology to Social Media. To make the training relevant to the day-to-day work of the team, we invited patients and donors to share their experience with Anthony Nolan.

UX & Design Sam Griffiths

A labour of love

This a short blog about a small job, but one that plays well one of our guiding principles, to “Find a way”. We wanted to invite people to a day at the Wimbledon Championships, but to tell the story right we need to start at the beginning.

UX & Design Jun Taoka

Designing Pride into the experience

Building the Pride in London app gave Red Badger the incredible opportunity to deliver an experience that would reach the community that make Pride happen year round. In late January, we kicked off the project with a workshop to define our product vision.

Technology Joe Paice

Open Source with Pride

One of the goals of creating the Pride app was to develop it as an open source project. Right from the start, we decided to make the repository for the source code public on Github. By making the development public we hoped to encourage the tech community to get involved and build a long-term pool of technical volunteers that can sustain the app into the future. We are still on the path to realise this goal. Along the way we have faced some interesting challenges and we have learnt a lot.

Technology Joe Paice

Pride in London - Going Native

One of the key reasons Red Badger chose to take on the Pride in London App was to give us the opportunity to gain more experience with React Native. React Native is an interesting choice for us. It complements our experience building web applications with React, and we have learnt a lot along the way.

Delivery Lani Shamash

Delivering the Pride in London app

Since January we’ve been branding, designing and building the 2018 Pride in London app (which you can download here). It was a big deal to take on a project like this for free and involved considerable reputational risk if we didn’t deliver. So why did we chose to do it in the first place? And what did we learn along the way?

UX & Design Sam Griffiths

Branding the Pride in London app

We decided early on that we’d need to do some brand thinking around the app. The Pride in London brand is well established, but it has not been designed specifically with digital applications in mind. Together with Pride in London we worked together to ensure clarity and focus for us and a richer, more cohesive experience for the user.