Joe Paice

Product Thinking

The last 18 months have drastically changed the way I think about developing digital products. My background is in technology. I started as a software engineer working with a cross-functional team at Red Badger. At that time my thinking about a…

Opinion Cain Ullah

Putting purpose at the heart of business

Cain Ullah, CEO of Red Badger, in an interview with Manny Amadi, CEO of C&E Advisory. Manny is a trusted advisor to some of the world's foremost companies, non-governmental organisations, trusts & foundations, and high-impact philanthropists. He has…

Opinion Harriet Adams

New product development in a brave new world

If I were to say that new product development was a key driver in business growth and profitability, I doubt many people would fall off their chair in surprise. But as we enter an unknown future with many businesses tightening their belts, now may…

Opinion John Godfrey

Slaying corporate risk after lockdown

If there’s one thing ‘digital’ these lockdown weeks have highlighted to everyone - it is the ability to move ideas into production quickly. We’ve seen an explosion of lean startups across enterprises, government and healthcare. As Sayna Nadella put…

Process Jamie Irving

Fail small to win big

I am sure that everyone who is reading this blog has worked hard and had some failures along the way, for all of us those mistakes became learning experiences. So we were able to take those learnings and make adjustments to our future ideas, meaning…

Opinion Jimmy Muldoon

One minute reads: getting value from data

One of the major technical revolutions in modern times has been the cost of storing information. Storing petabytes of information is now relatively cheap. This has led to a culture in digital teams to store and track everything. I’m not against…

Opinion Jimmy Muldoon

One minute reads: data-driven design

At Red Badger we often lead our clients in developing user-centric designs and strategies for digital product development. More recently, however, we’ve been adding data-driven design strategies to the mix. These concepts are frequently thought of…

Delivery Opinion Jimmy Muldoon

One minute reads: a North Star in product delivery

At Red Badger our delivery teams often use a North Star metric to guide the way through product delivery. A good North Star tells you if the direction of travel your product teams are taking is having a positive or negative impact on your customers.

Opinion Jimmy Muldoon

One minute reads: mobile conversion rates

One metric that most eCommerce Product Owners look at is conversion rate. This is usually the number of orders in a day divided by the number of site visits. We trend this metric, we compare it week-on-week and year-on-year and we optimise our…