Pocket Mechanic Prototype Demo

Last week I wrote a blog XPF Demo: What's in store describing some of XPF’s potential power to deliver 2D layouts in an XNA app, alongside 3D elements. In that post I also promised to post a video of us playing with the 3D model interface deployed onto a WP7 device.

So, as promised, you can view a video below with David taking you through some steps of manipulating a 3D prototype of a VW Beetle’s Distributor:

As described in the XPF Demo: What's in store blog post, we will be building out a demo around this prototype to include XPF’s 2D layout functionality to illustrate the power of being able to combine 2D and 3D in such an elegant manner.

We’ll keep you posted with our progress as more nightly builds are delivered and will be following up with new videos and blog posts as we deliver more functionality.

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