Birdsong – A new Twitter client for Windows Phone 7

Red Badger are pleased to announce the release of Birdsong for Windows Phone 7, a premium Twitter application.

Red Badger are pleased to announce the release of Birdsong for Windows Phone 7, a premium Twitter application. Birdsong provides a native, performant and functionally rich experience throughout. Its innovative design has features such as infinite scrolling and off-line viewing that are powered by a custom document database.

Version 1 has shipped with a hatful of cool functionality and there’s lots more to come (version 1.1 is in development already).

We’ll be posting a number of blogs and videos demonstrating Birdsong’s functionality over the next few days and weeks; but for now, here is an overview of some of the key features.

Configurable Timelines

Timelines on the home screen are configurable. You can add lists, saved searches and new searches as well as changing the order in which the timelines appear.

Integrated Picture Viewing

Tweets with pictures in your timeline are easy to spot using the tweet property icons. An integrated image viewer then allows you to view the pictures in thumbnail and full-screen mode.

Threaded Conversations

Conversations are flagged with a tweet property icon. Threaded conversations allow you to view an entire conversation in context.

Direct Message Threading

Birdsong’s direct messages are organised like an email inbox. All direct messages between you and your friends are automatically threaded.


Geo-tagged tweets are marked with a tweet property icon in your timeline. Birdsong supports map previews and Bing Maps integration.

TwitPic Integration

Share existing or new photos using the fast TwitPic integration.

Integrated Web Browser

Using the integrated browser you can view web links without leaving Birdsong – there’s no need to launch Internet Explorer (although you can).

Status Bar

The status bar shows your configured timelines, which one you are currently viewing, your unread counts and each timeline’s update status.


You can explore anyone’s profile, their timeline, friends, followers and favourites.

Integrated Theme

Birdsong will automatically inherit your theme settings, honouring your choice of background and accent colour.

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