Birdsong Feedback Is Moving

One of the changes we’re making with the upcoming release of v1.1 of Birdsong is how we deal with support and feedback. As of today we have moved support, feedback, user forums and feature requests all under one happy roof at our brand new support portal at

Naturally, you’ve got questions as to why we’re moving everything and what’s going to happen to the feedback you’ve already provided, hopefully, we can answer those questions here.

Why the change?

We want to offer the best support, respond to all feedback and hear your feature requests. We couldn’t do that all in one place under our old feedback site. With the new one we can.

What happens to requests I’ve already made?
Worry not, if you head over to the new Feature Requests forum you’ll find them all there.  We’ve moved over all the feedback, all the comments and kept a record of the number of votes each request had.

How do I vote for something on the new site?
The new forum has a similar voting concept that will allow the most popular features to bubble to the top.  Instead of assigning a limited number of votes, you can simply choose to “like” an idea.

What happened to my votes?
Unfortunately, we can’t alter the number of votes an idea has on the new site, so it will appear everything has started back at 0. Fear not however, we’ve recorded the number of votes each idea had in the description on the new site and we promise we’ll take them into account when prioritising features.

What else do I get?
Announcements on upcoming releases, a Community Help forum so the Birdsong community can start helping each other out, and an integrated experience with our new support ticketing system.

We’d like to thank everyone who’s provided feedback and feature requests to date – your feedback genuinely has an impact on what we choose to work on next – so don’t stop!

The new home of support and feedback for Birdsong is

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