Red Badger launches the internship programme! (Positions filled)

A little about us...

Things are moving on pretty quickly at Red Badger. We’ve just moved into a new swanky office in St. Paul’s, are working on some cool projects for some great clients and still developing Birdsong for Windows Phone 7. We are starting to expand but want to ensure that quality is always our main goal whilst maintaining a vibrant, fun atmosphere.

To help us grow in the way we want to, we are looking for some bright young talent to come and join us on our quest. We work in a very fast moving, agile manner but are highly creative and are very focused on making sure things are done the right way. We do cool things using a User Centric approach with heavy dependency on User Experience and Design. We specialise in bespoke software projects and platforms on the Microsoft technology stack; from HTML5 to using 3D gaming technology in consumer and business applications (3D developers take note) – we cover a wide range of exciting technologies.

A little about you and the opportunity...

You will need to be really motivated and ready to learn lots of great skills that will be invaluable to your future. This time around we are looking for one person with a passion for software development. Future internships won’t necessarily be limited to one person and will cover other disciplines.

The internship will run for about 3 months. During the initial 3 months, all your expenses will be paid and you will get a small salary (but don’t get too excited about that bit). You need to be eager to learn – you’ll be working on real projects and surrounded by some of the best in the industry who will be investing their time in helping you develop.

You’ll be confident and personable – we want to take you along to meet clients so you need to be comfortable in front of big cheese (but we won’t make you wear a shirt and tie).

We’re looking for someone with a pretty good foundation in software engineering predominantly with the .Net framework and C# – if you have experience with ASP.Net, WPF, XNA and/or Silverlight then all for the better. You should also have a good grounding in web technologies; HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Don’t worry if your current skillset looks a bit skinny next to this list, we will help you to develop those that you don’t have and enhance those that you do.

This opportunity is open to all who think they have what it takes – whether that means you’re still at university (but can work part-time), have recently graduated or skipped university altogether but have got the skills anyway. As long as you’re awesome at what you do and show lots of promise (we’re not demanding much are we?!).

At the end of the 3 months, if you cut the mustard, there will be an opportunity for a full-time apprenticeship at Red Badger with the prospect of managing your own teams, running projects and helping our clients develop their ideas.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, email with a bit about yourself and why you want to work with us. If you have a CV then send that too, but don’t write one just for us. If we like what we see, we will arrange to meet up (which may involve a beer) and if you’re the chosen one, you will be working with us on real, challenging projects with some of the best people in the industry.

Good luck!

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