XPF goes open source

To avoid repeating what has been said in previous posts, I’m going to keep this blog as short as possible.

As announced by David in his July post, we have been planning to open source XPF – our layout framework for XNA, for a little while. Jaco Geldenhuys and Jonathan Dickinson have been working around their busy schedules to get the code ready for a public release. We are delighted to announce that this has now been completed and our Github Repository is public.

What next?

XPF is now open to everyone so please go ahead and start to play. If you want to contribute, all the details on how are up on the Github wiki as well as the repository rules and license details. Jaco and Jon will also be doing some work in the developer community to try and attract some potential contributors.

To help you to get started. the Getting Started With XPF blog post has been uploaded to the Github wiki but there are also some historical XPF posts on our blog that are not yet uploaded so you may find some of those useful.

Any new documentation and/or announcements will now be made on the Github wiki rather than our blog. This will avoid the need to retrospectively update old blog posts that are no longer relevant.

So that’s about it! We look forward to seeing how the community can take XPF forward in developing it further. Happy coding!

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