Firestarter Events

Before last year closed out and we headed off for festivities and copious amounts of booze I mentioned a new idea to introduce Red Badger employees the opportunity to use their training budget (£2,000 each year) to invest in our own ideas.  I am pleased to announce that the first event will be taking place internally on the 31st January - 1st February.

The team will consist of myself, Sari, Haro and Joe, the theme of the idea I have chosen is around real-time social media coupled with music festivals, think foursquare meets waze, facebook and beyond.

The new name for these rapid prototyping events after a collaborative effort over the web (as some of us are on client site) using (a great collaboration application found by Sari) is Firestarter Events.  Along with the name we now also have a couple of logos to kickstart the branding and get things well under-way.

As I previously mentioned I am hoping for this process to be as open as possible and will post successes and failure throughout the two days.  In the mean time you can check out the agenda and invitation that was sent out to the team below:

Agenda | Invitation

Watch this space for photos of the event and more importantly the end MVP that we will be releasing live at the end of the two days.

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