Back in the sett

Hello, I'm Stephen. I'm a front-end web developer, focusing these days mainly on Javascript and Node but with a wide range of experience in most of the technologies that make stuff look good in a web browser.

I've been working with Red Badger as a freelance collaborator on and off for almost two years, in fact since it was just Stu, David and Cain at the Ravensbourne incubator programme, but we've finally decided to make it official and I'm going to be joining the team here permanently.

Switching back to a full time role after a stint freelancing has been a tough decision, but the strength of the team and the technologies in use here make it an exciting place to be. With a background in interface development I've had exposure at the integration stage to the various languages - PHP, C#, Java, and so on - that make the pages I build actually work, without really gaining a deep understanding of them. However now I can write server-side code in Javascript as well, with Node, it feels like I can really build on my existing skills to do new and interesting things.

With other developers in the team adopting Node from the other direction, from their excellent C# and infrastructure experience, it feels like we can bring the client and server parts of web development closer together - whether in shared code, better build processes or improved performance. On the recent BBC Connected Studios pilot project, Joe, David and I were all able to contribute not only ideas but also implementation across the whole application. There are still some problems to solve and the best ways of working will settle down over time, but as a company we want to contribute to the community and share what we learn so there'll be more blogging on these subjects in the near future.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go and get used to being an employee again... 

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