Sorry Bootstrap, it's over between us


I'm sorry Bootstrap but things just aren't working out between us. I think we should have a break from each other.

To be honest, it's not me, it's you.

When we first met I was kind of infatuated. You were so opinionated and successful, persuasive even, so many of friends couldn't stop talking about you. It was easy to fall head over heels and looking back I think I let my heart rule over my head.

With you everything felt so straightforward. Prototyping was quick and easy. We put admin screens together in a snap, smiling and laughing the whole time. I began to think there was nothing you couldn't do, I started to let you lead me.

But then I looked around and realised you'd been seeing other people. It was a real shock.

Everyone was starting to think the same way and it was all because of you. You made such a compelling case for the way that things should be that everyone, myself included, just kind of went along with it. Looking back I realise now that you were too controlling. If a great design didn't quite fit to the way you wanted to do things, I would just change it to make you happy. It was a lot easier.

Then I came to realise, that wasn't what I wanted after all. I mean, the designers I work with really know what they're doing. They're the ones I should listen to first, and if you can't help me in the way I need you to then I guess it's time to move on.

I got on just fine before you came along, and I know that I can get back to how things used to be without you. I'm sure I'll be happier out there on my own, CSS is a wide world and there's new stuff to see all the time. I just think I'd rather make those discoveries for myself rather than have you colour them.

Don't be sad, Bootstrap, I'm sure you'll find someone else. Just be good to them, okay?

Photo: prorallypix, Creative Commons licenced.


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