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When I was about 18, my Grandma came into a small amount of money and decided that she would gift some of it to my sister, my brother and I. This money was to be kept in our savings account and used for something meaningful. I chose to use some of it to buy a whole box of technical books, some covered knowledge of subjects I already had a handle on but wanted to go deeper, others covered subjects I aspired to learn. Arguably that box of books helped define my career; giving me the tools I needed to progress and an appetite to learn more.

Speaking as someone who is largely self-taught, books have played an enormous role in my education and continue to do so today. A great book so often manages to achieve that trick of the bringing the pieces together such that they “click” for the first time. Sometimes challenging, but often rewarding and inspiring, great books have the power to prompt career changing pivots in focus and philosophy.

When I stumbled across Jeff Bezos reading list I felt that spark of excitement - I wanted to read these books and so decided I would order them all. Then I got a bit carried away and started ordering a bunch of other books that have been on my reading list for years. Then I decided Red Badger should have a library of books, so started adding other influential classics. Then I decided to bring in all my technical books and donate them to the burgeoning Red Badger library.  Then we got a Red Badger stamp made.  You can't have a library if you don't have a stamp.

With the musk of ink laden paper heavy in the air, we've all started to consider what books should be in easy reach to inspire and educate our work.  I’m putting this blog down as a marker and an index for the future blogs that discuss the books we've added to our library. Of course we won't always be able to vouch for the contents of each book, because we won’t have read them all, but we can talk about our motivation for getting each book. Sometimes that’s the best description you can provide.

Watch this space...

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