Farmer training UX research

Image of Haller Farmer Training in action Image of Haller Farmer Training in action

As Cain mentioned in this blog post we are collaborating with Pearlfisher on an app that we hope will bring some very relevant and useful content to those living in rural Africa.

The charity behind the project, Haller, use proven methods to train local farmers and villagers at their demonstration farm (shamba) in Mombassa. This gives locals the power to build essential, sustainable sources of food, medicinal plants and sanitation facilities for themselves and their communities. It is this transfer of knowledge that we aim to emulate through the app. Making this available online for those people who are unable to be physically present for training is a huge challenge.

Physical and environmental limitations present problems we are not used to working with from our cosy office in east London. To fully understand the tech available to our target users, or lack thereof, research is underway in parallel with the development of prototypes we can test when we visit next month.

Watch this space and we’ll share our findings on why this demographic group are leading the way in areas of technology that have not gained traction (yet?) in the ‘Western World’ and how we intend to run the research and usability testing on the ground.

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