First London Facebook React User Group

On Wednesday we held the inaugural London Facebook React User Group meeting at Red Badger's office in Shoreditch. In just a few weeks, the group has grown to 138 members and we're holding monthly meetups.

Not a bad turnout for the first one!

We had 3 talks. The first was from Alex Savin on using LiveScript (instead of JSX) to build React components. I did a talk on building isomorphic apps with React (we've put together a sample repo on github so please contribute ideas).

Finally Forbes Lindesay, who maintains the much loved Jade, talked about the promising React Jade (his slides are here). There were some really interesting conversations during the course of the evening, both during the session and over the pizza and beer.

If you attended the meetup, we would love to hear your comments or suggestions so please take the quick survey.

Also, if you'd like to talk at an upcoming event, please let us know. We're already lining up some great talks, but will always need more :-)

You can watch the event on YouTube.

The next meetup is on Wednesday 23rd July so please register and come along. After that we'll take a summer break and start again in September.

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