Badger Digest, pilot issue

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At Red Badger we're using Slack. As of this moment, we have about 50 active channels (not counting archived ones), containing lots of shared items and interesting discussions. Most of it is (obviously) hidden from the public eye. This blog is going to lift a curtain on this matter by revealing some of the most discussed and shared links on our channels for the past week. With some luck, this thing might as well become regular. Enjoy!


  • Accessibility APIs: A Key To Web Accessibility. This was a follow up on our efforts to get better understanding of implementing proper accessibility in web apps. James Hopkins also did his personal blog titled There Should Be No Disabled Users On The Web.
  • Nodyn - a Node.js compatible framework, running on the JVM
  • Reapp - React based framework for building mobile web apps that look like native. With Webpack out of the box.
  • Developer infrastructure at Facebook's scale - impressive talk by Katie Coons on software delivery process and automation testing
  • JavaScript coding style by Gov.UK
  • Community roundup blog on React (Native). They mention something important about React Native schedule for Android:

When is React Native Android coming? -> Give us 6 months.


  • Details explanation of the DDoS attack on Github servers


  • Your website should be so simple, a drunk person could use it


  • AtomPair - an Atom package that allows for epic pair programming
  • React Parts - A catalog of React Native components

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