How to keep an office tidy: guidance from an Office Manager

We are one: a strong company identity

Red Badger has one of the  strongest company identities  I have ever encountered in my working life.  We feel strong for the company, we like being part of it and the idea behind it; we are indeed always trying for new and funny ways to enhance this even more.

We just love being Badgers (follow us on Twitter  and you will understand what we mean when we talk about #badgerlife).

Ladies Badger monthly dinner #badgerlife Ladies Badger monthly dinner #badgerlife

I think this is an important factor for a successful working business.

When the  employees feel like  part of the company, they act like they are part of its vital inner core, what can go wrong then? They will work their best magic, because they strongly want the company to succeed, as they will succeed too.

Good staff management skills are key to obtain a solid company identity. When your staff is treated well, it  will reward you (on this note you can read the blog written by Cain, one of our founders on why they have decided to take us on a island for Red Badger’s 5th birthday).

The office is our everyday  home

So the point here is: the Badger identity, the strong feeling we have for this company and for each other has to be applied to our office almost like a transitive property.

We love being Badgers, we work in our Badger office everyday, this has to mean we love our Badger office.

People need to be inner part of the office and need to start seeing it as their second home (after all we spend here the longest part of our days). We  need to almost feel like we  are part of the office, (but unlike furniture we are the vital part of it).

Creativity for the bathroom toiletries Creativity for the bathroom toiletries

Our vintage stationary apothecary, newcomer in the office Our vintage stationary apothecary, newcomer in the office

Not to mention the office reflects and  gives the first impression of what the core of the company really is. Clients understand very well when people are happy. Happy people work better; this means more profit for the company and in simple words more money. And a tidy office space where everything is accesible and in its right place helps make happier people.

So it’s all a circle really.

The secret is to make people understand that to care about the office means caring about the identity they choose to take, when working for a specific company

To treat the space almost like a living and breathing thing, living and breathing together with them.

Me and some other Badgers with our new awesome vintage fridge Me and some other Badgers with our new awesome vintage fridge

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