eConsultancy praise our Fortnum & Mason work

Red Badger viewed positively for its suitably tasteful redesign.

We picked up a nice bit of coverage for the Fortnum & Mason responsive site from eConsultancy. We’re really proud of this project, not only because Fortnum & Mason is an iconic London brand with a 300 year-plus history, but also because it demonstrates that you don’t have to be a startup to be truly agile.

We designed and built them a totally new site, engaging Fortnums' customers throughout the development, delivered into live in just 8 months and continue to ship new innovative features into live, sometimes multiple times a day using continuous deployment.

The team at Fortnum’s had been used to manually fixing all sorts of weird little issues, but with the new site, they were free to focus on building exciting new features like multiple address delivery options and Build Your Own Hamper functionality. Speaking of which, it’s only 110 days to christmas now - have you got your hamper needs sorted?!

“Fortnum & Mason increased mobile conversions by 57% with RWD (Responsive Web Design), this is largely thanks to a suitably tasteful redesign.”

Thanks chaps!

Fortnum & Mason: One of the finest mobile ecommerce sites

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