Fun at the Functional Programming Meetup

Last night we hosted the second “Functional Programming for the Web” meetup. We had quite a meaty line up - with Elm, Haskell AND Clojurescript all on the lineup.

Kris Jenkins kicked things off with an Elm joke and set the tone for the rest of the evening really. It’s a relaxed event and a friendly group, everyone is very keen to help each other out and there are always some great discussions after the talks.

The lineup for the night went like this-

  • LOTS of pulled pork burgers and quesadillas from Bodeans and some beers
  • Using Elm for Real Work - Kris Jenkins
  • Practical Haskell in the browser with Reflex and GHCJS - Christian Takle
  • Clojurescript for Next Generation Webapps-  Sonny To
  • More pulled pork and beers.

A full recording of the event is up on our YouTube channel-  

When we started talking about setting up this meetup we really wanted the talks to be practical and not just lots of theory; I think we’ve managed this nicely.

We plan to hold the meetup every 6 to 8 weeks to start with. You can keep up to date with event announcements and whatnot by joining the meetup group and by following Red Badger on Twitter .

We may have a really amazing speaker visiting from overseas for the next meetup but that’s top secret at the moment, we’ll make an announcement as soon as we can.

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