Record-breaking year for Fortnum's with website – key factor in success

Red Badger's work for Fortnum & Mason helped increase online profits by 38%. Yesterday, Fortnum & Mason published their Christmas trading results. It's been a bumper year for the 308 year-old company in all respects, but online especially. This includes a 38% uplift in online sales for the same five-week period compared to 2015, amongst other record-breaking statistics.

“A revamped website was a key contributor the fine food company’s performance, with online sales up 22pc in the period. Customer experience director Zia Zareem-Slade, who oversaw the re-release of the website, said the new site was performing “extremely well”.

She said: “The new website was built from the ground up using new technology in an agile way and is now fully responsive, which has played a big part in its success. “Customers can now make multiple address orders - the biggest so far has been a customer who sent purchases to 36 different addresses on one order. That customer would have had to have placed 36 separate orders before the new site was launched.

There is also a guest checkout option now which is used by 40pc of our customers. And PayPal, which is not usually thought of as being particularly luxury, is now used by so many – 20pc of our customers are using it.”

— Telegraph

“On December 22nd Fortnum & Mason experienced its biggest day of trading in ever. ‘This has been a very significant year for the company, and our excellent Christmas results are the reward for all the work we have done throughout the year making our brand more relevant and contemporary,’said its chief executive Ewan Venters.”

— Management Today


Management Today

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