Financial Times looks to the future of

Working with Red Badger on the next generation of, the Financial Times created “lasting change” to the internal team culture, creating agile ways of working.

Red Badger helped the Financial Times build agile, integrated UX, design and dev teams in order to empower the publishing giant to move faster, respond to customer need and improve internal satisfaction. The next generation homepage, in beta until more of the site is ready, has been thoroughly user tested was built by a combination of Badgers and FT staff.

Working with Red Badger has allowed the FT to see the future of our .com publishing model in a new light. Unfettered by “how it’s always been done”, Red Badger has coached the FT teams in Lean/Agile methodologies. The FT now have an internal capability with all the tools in the box to continue to deliver great digital products now and long into the future.” – Christina Scott, Chief Product and Information Officer.

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