Celebrate National Badger Week

It’s National Badger Week. I thought I’d take this time to talk a little bit about our namesake, and the qualities that we share (and some that we don’t).

badger-44202_640 badger-44202_640

  • Badgers have been present on the British Isles for up to 400,000 years. Red Badger has been present on the British Isles for 6 years.
  • Badgers live to about 24 years in captivity, and around 14 years in the wild. We have proof that Red Badgers live well into their 50s, and we hope much longer than that.
  • There are eight different species of badger. There are two species at Red Badger. Human, and Daschund (which is German for “badger dog”).
  • The welsh name for badger is “moch daear”. Which translates to “earth pig”. People at Red Badger have been called many things, but never earth pigs.
  • Badgers are very clean and will not poo in their sett. They have special chambers designated as latrines. Red Badger has two toilets which are fiercely fought over. Milo has not been given the badger rule book on pooping.
  • Badgers can eat several hundred earthworms every night. I asked in the Red Badger Slack channel if anyone has ever eaten an earthworm, but I received no response. However someone did respond with the snake emoji which I am taking as an admission of guilt.

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  • Badgers have unusually thick skin. Here at Red Badger, we’re a far more sensitive lot.
  • European Badgers are famously social and vocal creatures. Red Badger parties are the stuff of legend, and we do a mean karaoke.

by flickr user https://www.flickr.com/photos/hellie55/ by flickr user https://www.flickr.com/photos/hellie55/

Badgers are protected in the UK. It is an offence to wilfully kill, injure or take a badger (or attempt to do so), or to cruelly ill-treat a badger. We always make sure everyone at Red Badger is treated kindly, and we have space in our sett for more.

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