Diversity – what is it good for?

Well, quite a lot actually. At Red Badger, we’ve ended up with a 48:52 gender split, despite not setting out to build gender equality into the business model.

With over 65 staff and growing weekly, Red Badger is one of the most gender-neutral technology agencies most of us have ever worked. Why? Well, we aren’t really sure, but we’d like to put it down to running a company that respects people for their talents, skills, and fostering a culture that understands that. We’ve found that hiring people with the right attitude to gender, sexuality, race and religion, age, disability or family commitments (e.g. if they have young children or we think they are likely to start a family very soon) has got easier the more people we’ve hired who agree with our frame of mind. It’s simple really, hire great people (and look after them) and more great people want to work for you.

We’re hiring for a range of roles at the moment, including

Read about how we keep the culture of equality alive below:

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