Reactive Conf 2016 Top 5 Talks

Last month ReactiveConf made it's second appearance in Bratislava. The conference enjoyed great talks from tech icons, good food and free beer - the best formula for a successful conference.

Red Badger sent three of it's very own developers to enjoy the spoils of ReactiveConf and here are the top 5 talks from the week.

Visualizing data flow with Cycle.js

André Staltz - Futurice

André began by discussing different DevTools available to the community for inspecting data, a là Redux DevTools. He then demoed a Cycle.js DevTool that he made, showing the visualization of the dataflow between source and sink streams. André lead us on a throughly enlightening journey into Cycle.js and Observables with the aid of Lego.

The Universality of Static Sites

Mark Dalgleish - Culture Amp

To kick off his talk Mark discussed different approaches to rendering React applications - using universal/isomorphic and client side in a single page application.

This lead Mark to introduce a lesser-known third option using React to pre-render sites at build time and the Webpack plugin he created to achieve this.

The Age of Reason(ML)

Sean Grove - Bushido

Sean gave a very compelling introduction into Reason(ML). He described how Reason boasts powerful type-checking and incredible tooling - the first language ever to separate syntax and semantics. Sean touched on it's fantastic performance - by replacing operating-system code with unikernel servers that boot in 50 milliseconds, and truly unbelievable reach targeting browsers and native.

What's Next? Exploring the future of React

Guillermo Rauch - ZEIT

Guillermo showed us - a tool for deploying your JavaScript applications and services to the cloud with ease, speed and reliability. All with one command `now` giving a unique URL for each deployment.

This lead to Guillermo excitedly introducing the newly open-sourced next.js - a small framework for server-rendered universal JavaScript webapps, built on top of React, Webpack and Babel.

Elm and React in production

Richard Feldman - NoRedInk

Richard talked about how to integrate, migrate and co-habit new technologies into existing codebases. He explained the approach taken at NoRedInk to initially adopt React before fully migrating over time.

However the story didn't end there - NoRedInk used the same approach to add Elm into the mix. This led them to migrate to Elm where they are now heavily using it side-by-side React in production.

ReactiveConf is definitely a conference I would recommend, especially the after parties and ice bar! If you love React and Reactive Programming with other gems from the industry surfacing then ReactiveConf is for you.

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