Top tips for writing Serverless plugins

At the end of October I gave a talk at Serverless Conf London about writing Serverless Framework plugins.

I covered what we have learnt at Red Badger from using Serverless framework and writing plugins for it, here is a quick summary:

  • Using Serverless framework makes our lives easier every day. Pushing the deploy button is a joy.
  • If you’re as crazy as we are, you might want to update to the next version of Serverless Framework when it’s in alpha (some call it “riding the wave”, some “dying on the bleeding edge”). Then you might actually need to write your plugins to get the stable features you need.
  • Serverless Framework is a system of plugins. That’s why it’s so easy to write your own.

  • Naming stuff is hard – may this code from my plugin be a proof of that.

  • When creating a plugin, you get a “serverless” object. All you need to write your plugin hides in it and it’s amazing because it contains everything. It’s also horrible – because it contains everything.

See how you can write your own plugin in only ten lines of code. Have a look at my talk here, complete with examples, tips, and detailed explanations.

Footnote: if you want to learn more about Serverless Framework and what it promises us in the near future, checkout out Florian Motlik’s talk.

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