React London Meetup - May 2017

After a short break we are back with another monthly meetup and here is a short summary for those who missed it. As always, we had an absolute mountain of pizza - 110 boxes tall this time. By the way, that’s more than the number of tweets (76) posted with the #reactlondon hashtag that day. Shame. Once we got stuffed with pizza and beer, speakers got mic’d up, everyone took their place and we were ready to go.

React Storybook

Karl O'Keeffe from Geckoboard

Karl kicked things off with an introduction to React Storybook. A development environment for UI components. He took us through a few examples of how Storybook helps Geckoboard with development and on boarding. He also gave us a sneak peek of one of their components with over a hundred permutations of state. To me, that’s where Storybook shines. The visual testing this tool offers is a fast, convenient way of making sure we don’t introduce any regressions during development. Watch it below.


Cavy: a framework to test React Native apps

David Somers and Abigail McPhillips from Pixie Labs

Next up in line were David and Abigail who came to talk about Cavy - an end to end testing framework they made for React Native. Cavy uses React refs to give you the ability to refer to and simulate actions upon components from your tests. All we need to do is 1) wire our components up via refs and Cavy's test hook generator functions, 2) wrap our app in a Cavy’s test hook store and 3) write some test. Pretty simple huh? Maybe, we could even achieve the first two steps with a babel plugin and some heuristic naming generation. Here is their talk, notice that David is a pretty fast typer and Cavy actually has a very cute logo. :)


A speed-date with ReasonML

Marcel Cutts from Red Badger

Last but not least, we had our very own badger and a great friend Mystic Marcel on stage. In this talk we learn about what we mean when we talk about meta-language, we explore what ReasonML is all about, and how it relates to OCaml. We touch on a number of core topics within ReasonML such as: What is Bucklescript? What are unikernels? Can Reason be relevant to us now? And how do we start with Reason today? To find out the answers to all these questions please watch Marcel's talk below. He sneaks a couple jokes in there too so... have fun. :)


Interested in giving a talk at one of our upcoming meetups?

As we mentioned at the meetup, we are always on a lookout for speakers. So if you are interested, go and submit your proposals here.

Thanks again to our speakers and we are looking to see you all again in June.


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