Boats, Beaches and Badgers - Obonjan 2017

We are known for throwing amazing summer parties - last year we flew everyone out to a castle in Leipzig which we all thought would be pretty hard to top - but somehow we managed it again..

This summer we flew around 150 Badgers and their plus ones to Obonjan, an island just off the coast of Sibenik in Croatia and it was brilliant.

Apart from six other passengers, the flight out there was filled with the entire group of Badgers and their plus ones. After the flight, a quick coach journey and a 45 minute boat trip we finally arrived on the island at 02:00am (greeted with a glass of Prosecco) and ready for three days in Obonjan!

Day One - Company Day

At every summer party we have company day. It’s a chance for all the Badgers to get together and look at the past year's achievements, things we could have done better and what we hope to achieve in the coming year. We thought the best place to do all this would be on a boat - so we hired one for six hours and sailed around the islands - amazingly no one suffered from seasickness... I don’t think.

The morning was spent looking back at how much we have achieved in the past year. Everyone at Red Badger works incredibly hard, so to see the results and that this is paying off was amazing. I think that these achievements are a simple reflection of the culture that has been created at Red Badger. The overall aim has been to create an environment that is welcoming and honest to allow Badgers to work as a team and produce amazing work, and from the presentations given on that morning I think this has been achieved. We spent the afternoon focusing on the next year - looking at what we hope to achieve as a company, as a team and individually. We then we jumped in the sea and had some beers in the sun - so as far as company days go - I think that was the best one to date.

Day Two - A Day on the Island

The best part about Obonjan was that there was something to do for everyone. Whether you wanted to spend the day chilling out at the beach, doing some water sports, yoga or having a pool party - it had everything.

Going away with your company for three days could be quite intense but I don’t think that anyone felt that on the Island. There were plenty of activities that you could do to have some time out but a lot of the time most of the Badgers stuck together. On the Saturday afternoon a lot of people headed to the pool where our multi-talented CEO DJ Cain Ullah was in charge of the music - followed by Stephen who took us all back to the 90s.

 An expectant crowd gathered for Red Badger's annual crocodile wrangling championship An expectant crowd gathered for Red Badger's annual crocodile wrangling championship

 Amazing performance by Hercules & Love Affair in the amphitheatre on Saturday night  Amazing performance by Hercules & Love Affair in the amphitheatre on Saturday night 

You can see all the photos from Obonjan here.

Day Three - Pool & Home Time

The last day was split - half the Badgers left at midday and the rest left at 17:00.  Everyone at this point was looking a bit tired - both nights had been spent with a lot of rum until the early, early hours….at least we all got to see the sunrise.

Overall we only incurred one broken ankle - apparently it was weak anyway, a couple of sea urchin injuries and one suitcase that was left behind… I think that is pretty good going.

I think that everyone agrees this summer party will be very hard to beat! It's so nice to be part of a team that you can go away with and have an amazing time. If you would like be part of the team you can check out our vacancies here.





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