New badgers, calendar design, and the ever-growing internet

October_18_2018 (1)

In between putting away summer clothes and then getting them out again, we found you some interesting articles from the last week.

Number 1 - The newest Badgers

This week we announced the newest members to our team. Finextra reports that Kevin Jenkins, former MD of Visa UK and Ireland, and Dr. Chris Brauer, Director of Innovation at Goldsmiths, University of London, have joined the company as members of our new advisory board.

Number 2 - Remembering Paul Allen

Earlier this week Paul Allen, the co founder of Microsoft, passed away. Allen was not only known for his technological pursuits but also his business, sports, and philanthropic work. Read more about his life and legacy, and Bill Gates’ personal reflections on the life of “one of my oldest friends” on The Verge.

Number 3 - Calendar design

We use calendars everyday, physical and digital, but have you ever stopped to think why it’s designed the way it is, with neat rows and columns of dates? UX Collective looks at the calendar and how it came to its current maximum improvement point (which means that users are satisfied with the solution of a specific problem and no further iterations are needed), tracing its humble beginnings with the adoption of the seven day week by the Romans in 321 AD, through to the Gregorian calendar revision of 1582, right to the modern day tracker as we know it.

Number 4 - AI to end gender inequality

Gender inequality is something that impacts most of the working world. Our own industry, is unfortunately known for a lack of women in both boardrooms and coding sessions. However, a new AI tool, Pipeline, is looking to change that using the latest tech. Learn more about the tech and how it can help make recommendations to close the equity gap over at Fast Company.

Number 5 - Watch the web grow

The internet is a big place, much bigger than a small black plastic box, and you can see just how big it is (and how quickly it is growing) with Internet Live Stats. The website has a total number of websites page, displaying the total number of websites online right now. (At time of writing the total was 1, 922, 030, 990).

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