How Amplitude will help you with data-driven product optimisation

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Recently featuring as the first business in Forbes - The Next Billion Dollar Startups 2018 List, they were founded in 2012 in San Francisco.

They aim to help companies build better products through advanced analytics. At Red Badger we're particularly excited about the valuable retention data the tool provides, that's usually complicated to access through Google Analytics or Adobe. Amplitude is particularly strong at analysing retention within apps and websites, identifying key features that help drive repeat usage.

We believe this will have strong appeal to product owners and our partnership will help us collaborate to identify what to focus on, why and how to deliver the required improvements.

Or as Spenser Skates, CEO of Amplitude says, "We know if you improve this feature, your users will be happier and pay you more money and be more engaged.”

Discover more about Amplitude here.

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