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Quite simply, we want to work with great people, so we’re always on the lookout for talented new Badgers. Even if there’s nothing quite right for you now, we’ll either do what we can to make space for you or keep your details for when the perfect role presents itself.

There are other reasons too - our success has seen us grow year on year since we began in 2010, so naturally the team required to deliver projects as well as keep Red Badger going has increased in size - but we strongly believe our achievements are a direct result of our people-first approach when it comes to hiring.

Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced campaigner looking for a change, remember to check our Jobs page regularly, as our roles are always evolving as new projects spring to life. We love getting applications from people in our community too, so if you’ve not yet been along to one of our meetups, come and see what we’re all about. We currently host the monthly London React MeetUp, UXD Exchange as well as a whole host of partner events at Red Badger HQ.

 We are Looking 


If you’re interested in joining us, ask yourself the following questions...

Do I want to become a consultant? What does that entail?

Our blogs give great insight into the day-to-day aspects of working at Red Badger. In particular, we recommend Andreas’s great piece on achieving work/life balance, or Lani’s no-holds-barred view on delivering agile transformation in challenging environments.

Do I relate to the company values? 

We don’t think it’s much to ask, but, our principles are fundamental to what we do.

Do I have the right experience for this role?

You tell us! A clear CV and a cracking cover letter will help make you stand out. It doesn’t have to be long; it does have to be personal (we’re people people, remember?).

Interview process

We have a straightforward interview process, and where possible try to complete it within two weeks of you applying. Of course, we appreciate that sometimes life/work commitments can mean this isn’t always possible, so don’t be disheartened If it takes a little longer.

Our process might be subject to change depending on the role and who’s interviewing. This isn’t a reflection on you, it’s simply because we want to make sure we are both right for each other. Ultimately, we want to find the best candidate for the job and for Red Badger, not just the strongest person at cruising through an interview.

 Interview Process 

Introduction call

All candidates have an introductory call lasting around 20 minutes,  to ensure you know what the role is, check you’re certain you want to work for Red Badger and discuss any job logistics.

Project call

Should you be successful in your intro call, you’ll be invited to a project call. This would normally last around 30 minutes with someone from the team you’re looking to join. The hiring manager will dig deeper into the technical side of your projects, how you overcome blockers, what stack/tech you’re using and check for understanding of Lean/Agile working methodologies.


Some roles at Red Badger do require a short challenge. It’s important for us to gauge your technical level so not to throw you in the deep end too soon or give you something that you could get bored with. These should take no longer than three hours, and will either be reviewed afterwards or watched in a presentation format - depending on the role. If we like the way you think, you’ll be invited to a face to face.

Face to face

For the face to face you’ll be invited into the office to meet the hiring manager and one other member of the Red Badger team (this may be someone you’ll be working directly with, or maybe our COO Dave). This tends to last about an hour and gives you a chance to see where you might be working, ask lots of questions about the team and understand how we work.

Depending on the seniority of the role you may be asked back for a further face to face to meet the colleagues you’ll be pairing with as well as our CEO Cain. The format is usually several shorter interviews, giving you one to one time with each person on the team.

What to wear

We have a casual office, so no need to dress up - smart casual is absolutely fine, as are trainers. As Coco Chanel once said; “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off". So no need for formal attire here unless that's what you feel comfortable in. 

How we work

We love lean/agile ways of working and use Kanban across our projects. Our teams are cross-functional and are often based at our client’s offices to allow best possible communication between Red Badger and our clients. Red Badger HQ is in Old Street and no matter where you end up, you’ll come back here for events like our monthly company meeting, as well as the different Badger social events including our weekly Dodgeball game and monthly Film Society nights.

Each Badger is a consultant and that means there are lots of soft skills required to work here. These might include stakeholder management and workshops with your immediate team. Clear, accurate communication skills are essential when starting, and we can provide training in a lot of areas along the way. If you think it’ll benefit your journey with us, we can also pair you up with a mentor.


We don’t define salaries on our website as we’re open to different levels of experience for each role and therefore responsibility of the role may vary slightly for each candidate. We do however benchmark our salaries against the top 25% of employee pay, making sure we’re paying competitively and fairly for the work you do. 

Diversity and inclusion

Everyone is welcome at Red Badger. Badgers come from all over the world from Ecuador to Japan, from Singapore to South Africa.

Red Badger is proud to be an equal opportunities employer and we're dedicated to hiring and developing a diverse workforce.

Please let us know if you require any reasonable adjustments ahead of your screening calls or in person interview. We will also happily consider candidates who require flexible work environments or hours.

Setting you up for success

We don’t expect you to necessarily have all the experience required from the job description. A key investment in every employee at Red Badger is access to the yearly training budget. Depending on your level of experience you’ll be paired with a more senior Badger who’ll mentor you and ensure your wellbeing isn’t being compromised by work. We also encourage peer learning, so if you go off and spend some training budget we like you to come back and tell others about it. This can be via a lunch and learn, a presentation and/or a blog.


Whilst we might not always have open positions for interns we do consider taking on the right people, during the college/university holidays. Sounds interesting? Send us a copy of your CV and LinkedIn as well as a brief cover letter as to why you think you’d be a good addition to the Red Badger team.

Freelancers and Contractors

You’re as much of the woodwork as our permanent Badgers and therefore we offer the same interview process. If you love us after finishing there are always options to become a permanent member of the team.

Still have a question?

Interviews can be nerve-wracking - we’ve all been there. If you want to ask us anything before a call or face to face interview, just drop an email to the person that invited you for interview. Not started the application process and have a query? Just get in touch; there’s no such thing as a silly question.

Myths busted

"Is Red Badger an agency?"

No, we are a consultancy. We are looking for dedicated hard working Badgers willing to see through the end to end delivery of a project. If you are looking to add a bunch of projects to your portfolio quickly, this probably isn’t the place for you.

"Consultants have to have a certain amount of experience…"

...maybe that was the case once, but we welcome new and old(er) talent with open arms. The most important thing is that each Badger can consult effectively.

"It’s tech, isn’t it a load of young men?"

...and old men, young women, women. Everyone. The make up of Red Badger is diverse and welcoming. We do our best to buck the stereotype of tech start ups. We don’t even have a football table (though we do have massages and a dog, there are some things you can’t do by halves).

"What’s the Red Badger product?"

There isn’t one. We’re a consultancy who work hard to make other people’s products better. People buy Red Badger and the people who work for Red Badger.

"It’s a flat organisation so there’s no room to move up the ladder"

False, there are loads of options to progress, be that into management, hiring our next team, mentoring others or making a lateral move into a role you’ve always had your eye on. The nice thing about it being flat, is that everyone is approachable and no matter what day you started, you’ll have a say over the important things.


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