The Weekly Sett - Accessibility, Badgers and Business Transformation

We’ve decided to launch a weekly blog with some articles that interest us, and hopefully you. From culture and opinions to tech and business news, we’re going to share five articles that have interested us in the last week.

Number one

We’re big on web accessibility here at Red Badger and so we loved reading this feature in The Atlantic. The author outlines how new technology such as Amazon’s Alexa is helping those with disabilities, such as his blind father. He notes that while the technology has created a new world for his father, there were challenges. His father had never used the internet, never experienced how to search for something online, and other nuances abled bodied persons might take for granted.

Number two

Sticking on that theme, Digital designer, Matt Roberts, talked to Creative Review about being a colour blind designer. The article gives a different way of approaching design, such as relying on shape, rather than colour.

If you’re interested in making your website accessible, we wrote a series for econsultancy, which you can access here.

Number three

Harvard Business Review outlines a study about the scaling up of Agile methodologies at companies, from small firms who run completely on agile, to companies who were born agile, to those bigger companies making the transition to agile. The study found that there were huge benefits to scaling up agile and it can be done effectively. However the authors argue overall, leaders need to be realistic, and that not every activity in a company needs to be done with agile teams.

We also conducted our own study into agile and businesses, you can read our report ‘Agile Ways or Working: The Great Leadership Disconnect’, here.

Number four

In UKTN, an article covered new research which had found that a third of UK workers leave their jobs due to poor company culture. Even so, according to the report from BreatheHR found that 6 in 10 SMEs only considered company culture a ‘nice to have’.

Company culture is something that our founders are really invested in and this year, we were named as a Sunday Times Best Company to Work For. If you’re someone that holds company culture high in importance, then you should check out our jobs page here.

Number five

And from our #random slack channel this week, parts of a 16th-century Scottish fortress, which has seen wars, treason and attacks, are now abandoned. Why? Because of “a very angry badger”. We can promise that our Sally would never be like that.

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