The Weekly Sett: Digital Transformation, Flexible Working, and Vegemite

The_weekly_sett_template23We’ve been scouring the web for all the best stories from culture and opinions, to tech and business news. Here’s what we found interesting this week.

Number One

Earlier this week, IDG released its 2018 State of Digital Business Transformation report. The report, which features respondents from IT executives and professionals, found that there is a great shift towards a digital first strategy. 89% of enterprises have plans to adopt or already adopted a digital first business strategy. Alongside this, analytics and the cloud are some of the top technologies being implemented. 

If you’re looking for another opinion on the cloud, check out this Venturebeat article from Red Badger tech lead, Viktor, on the ‘The end of the Cloud’.

Number Two

UK Tech News reported that businesses should offer flexible working if they want happy employees. A study, from Condeco, found that one in ten  business leaders surveyed said that their companies don’t offer flexible working at all. This is despite 4 to 59% of those surveyed believing that flexible working has a positive impact on collaboration, office costs, communication and productivity.

Flexible working can not only have a positive impact for a business, but it can be a huge difference for employees. Andreas wrote about why he works 4 day weeks for our blog, after the birth of his second child. 

Number Three

Personalisation may not be as popular as we think.  When it comes to digital experiences, it is way down the list of what consumers care about. Econsultancy reports that Acquira surveyed 1,000 consumers from UK and France and found that only 2.6% of the survey respondents cited personalisation as an important part of a brand’s digital offering. Conversely, 65% of consumers want a website that’s easy to navigate.

Number Four

An increasing number of retailers are turning their attention to their packaging and its environmental impact. Fast Company highlights new packaging systems (such as Repack) which supply online retailers with reusable packaging. The impact of packaging from online orders has already had a large impact with San Francisco having to raise its garbage rates to handle the influx of cardboard and plastic.

But what can the individual do to help the environment? Our Jen Spottiswoode set herself the challenge of living a more environmentally friendly life- check out how she got along here.

Number Five

And this week from the Slack channel- Vegemite. Red Badger is filled with a variety of people from a variety of backgrounds, and so, vegemite is a sticky subject. This piece from The Guardian shows off a deconstructed vegemite on toast, that even our Australian Badgers wouldn’t munch down on.

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