The Weekly Sett: Google, tech diversity and DevOps

Despite the glorious weather, we somehow managed to read some great articles this week, check them out below.

Number One

There’s a new project on the tech scene tackling the lack of diversity. Techies, is a photo project focused on sharing stories of tech employees in Silicon Valley. Photographer Helena Price celebrates and highlights the underrepresented communities working in tech. Her photos include women, black people, LGBT individuals, and disabled people. Check out her discussion of the project in The Guardian, and the portraits here.


Number Two

DevOps is getting more and more attention, however as it comes to the attention of a variety of businesses, another question comes with it: serverless or containers?

Computing breaks down the debate, highlighting the advantage the former has over the later, but also that the adoption of both technologies is rising.  


Number Three

Google recently demonstrated the future for Google Assistant at I/O 2018 - calling to book appointments on behalf of you. If you haven’t watched the video, you should. It’s called Google Duplex and the bot actually seems to understand nuances and sounds far more natural than the ‘I’ve heard you’ve recently been in a car accident’ automated bots.


Number Four

Sticking on Google, the tech giant is going to change design. Google recently announced a new initiative called Material Theming which allows companies to apply their own colours, typefaces, shapes, and other branding elements directly to an interface.

Co.Design outlines how Google tested out the system on itself, using it to remake its own app and websites.


Number Five

Not so much an article, but this week from Badger Slack a Twitter thread from Christoph Nakazawa, an Engineering Manager at Facebook. In the thread he outlines the role of a manager in a tech world, covering everything from teams, to people, and what the difference between being an engineer and being an engineer manager is.

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