Red Badger in the News: Delivery Edition


Our delivery team work hard to tackle problems and work through issues with practical solutions, and sometimes they share their successes and learnings with the press.

Using learnings as insights

Unfortunately, success is not always guaranteed, we are all human after all. Based on her years of experience, Lani Shamash, a Delivery Lead at Red Badger, has outlined what to do when the worst case scenario happens for PMToday. So, when faced with no sponsor buy-in or a cross-functional team that isn’t really cross functional, you can check out her toolkit and tackle the issues head on.

Learning how to be lean

Risks are usually taken as a given, or a necessary evil, for product development, but it doesn’t need to be that way, Andy Wicks, Strategy Lead, argues in Mind the Product. Instead he suggests that if we understand how to ‘be lean’ better and implement it better we won’t need to guess the way to an end goal.

Prioritisation and the 2x2 matrix

In another post that Andy wrote for Mind the Product, he discusses lean prioritisation. Prioritisation, another necessary evil for all product workers, doesn’t need to be a barrier to action, instead it can be a tool to ensure you do the right thing. Andy outlines what poor prioritisation looks like and how to use the 2x2 matrix to kick start effective prioritisation.

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