Red Badger in the News: UX and Design Edition


Our UXD team are constantly hitting headlines, sharing their knowledge on all things design.

2018 predictions

In January 2018, Andreas Conradi, UX Designer, outlined that 2018 will be the year of the human, with design focusing on trends like better inclusivity in designs and the use of designops with Mind the Product.

Design working in a truly agile way

Meanwhile, our design team all have experience working in truly agile ways. As such, our Chief Design Officer, Sari Griffiths wrote an agile survival guide for designers for Web Designer. The guide includes design sprints, keep design moving, and keep your product front of mind.

How customer-centric are you?

Keeping on that theme, our agile ways of working report shows UX and design are often not located in cross-functional teams. This is noted by Joe Dollar-Smirnov, Chief Experience Officer, in UX Collective. Joe argues that it’s important for businesses to include design in these teams to create a better customer focus. But, if you’re not sure on how seriously you’re taking customer centricity, Joe pulled together a quiz for UX Collective to help you figure it out, and how you can implement cross functional teams to tackle it.

Using design sprints for branding

And back in January 2017, Creative Pool talked to Sam Griffiths, Designer at Red Badger, about the design sprint trend and how we successfully used the method to rebrand, cutting down on time and creating a dialogue for the whole company around the project.

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