The Weekly Sett: TSB, IT skills and some dodgy photoshopping

Below is the latest round-up of the news that caught our attention in the last week.

Number one

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock then you’ll have heard of the TSB crisis. While there are many articles on the unfolding drama, this one from Wired gives an in-depth look at what went wrong. The latest news is that Paul Pester, TSB chief is forfeiting his bonus and we expect this story to continue for weeks to come.


Number two

Computing has undertaken research for their whitepaper Data strategy: building a framework for success and it found that the majority of IT decision makers said that “getting the organisation committee to support the required change” was the biggest challenge in moving digital business in their organisations.


Number three

CIO has created a round up of what soft skills IT workers need following a LinkedIn report, which found more employers say their organisation lacks soft skills than hard skills. Some desired soft skills include the ability to translate tech jargon, a collaborative mindset, and empathy.


Number four

Product teams are frequently measured against monetary values and deadlines, with everyone racing to get to the finish line with the lowest cost. However, Mind The Product outlines new ways to measure and monitor your product people. This includes measuring how the team runs the product like a business, helping them become market experts, and managing based on objectives.


Number five

This week from the Slack channel is the photoshopping efforts of ex-Tory MP, David Burrowes (or his team), covered in HuffPost. On first glance, everything seems normal but on closer inspection, it seems the dog is floating off the ground.

One of our favourite times to photoshop is after a dodgeball game, below are a couple of our favourites...

 Photoshopping our team's faces after a dodgeball session

 A photoshop art work

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