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We’ve always been able to say “There’s never been a better time to be a software developer” because innovation in software engineering is continually accelerating.

This year, however, it feels even more so. Two things. Firstly, a very mature Open Source (OSS) mentality within the industry and secondly, a huge drive to automate all the things. For the first time, it seems it’s now possible to automate every part of the stack, top to bottom, and to drive that automation from code that evolves in the same agile way that application code does. Everything as Code (EaC) is a new mantra. This evolution of the meta is giving us orders of magnitude more efficiency and accuracy as we deliver our products.

Each of the tech we’ve chosen in this Tech Round Table drives (or has been driven by) one, or both, of these concepts (OSS and EaC).

There is a multitude of new and exciting languages, tools and techniques whose consistency is driven by global consensus. Finally, we’re converging as an industry and it feels great. Kubernetes, for example, is possibly the fastest growing Open Source project of all time and together with Docker forms a new consensus on container orchestration. 

How do we identify disruptive tech? 

There are two filters – is the technology adding value or taking it away; and adoption level. The purpose of this is to ensure that we’re aware of what’s happening so we can identify potentially disruptive tech and measure its potential. It also helps us set the priorities for the tech and techniques we already use, advocate for, and introduce our clients to (or advise our clients to discontinue using).

This strategic approach leads to tech choices that have a robust business case and deliver clear, measurable benefits. 

Technology overview

 Technology overview

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