The Weekly Sett: Silver Surfers, Media Innovation, Robot Suitcases, Retail Tech and Pet Fit Club


With the bank holiday behind us and the wet weather upon us, kick back and see what we’ve been reading this past week.

Number one - silver surfers

Finextra reports that Santander has trained Alec Daniels, an 86-year-old computer novice, to write and distribute mock phishing emails in just under 13 minutes. Armed with instructions from online, and help from a security expert, Daniels launched his attack via a rogue access point.

The idea behind it is to help raise awareness of banking scams amongst the older generation. We love it.

Number two - sports media

An interesting article in Raconteur earlier this month focuses on how sport is innovating in media and entertainment, through new technologies. According to the article, “Recent tech advancements, notably in cloud computing enabling agile, over-the-top internet broadcasting, artificial intelligence (AI), big data and virtual reality (VR), have fired the starting gun for a paradigm shift to hyper-personalised broadcasting models, and sports media are leading the way.”

At Red Badger we love a bit of sport, especially dodgeball, and we can only hope that one day our dodgeball game will be broadcast to the masses.

Number three - a robot suitcase

Stop the press. There’s a robot on wheels which follows you around and carries your stuff. It’s called Gita and has been invented by the brains behind Vespa. We’re not entirely sure how the robot suitcase (due in 2019) will navigate escalators but we did enjoy reading this feature from the Guardian on other inventions that might make travelling more bearable.

Number four - the high tech high street

Zara, the fashion retailer, is bringing the future to its high street stores, merging on and offline experiences. Glossy reports on its new refurbed London flagship store which is now dripping in tech. From iPad armed sales assistants, to a robot handling buy-online-pickup-in-store orders, Zara has rejuvenated its offline presence with some flashy online capabilities.  However, the website notes that the move might be an effort to combat flagging mobile performance. Either way- there’s now a robot in Zara.

Number five - pet fit club

And this week from Slack, there's a new Pet Fit Club and you can see all the contestants here. We're glad our Milo isn't in the line up. 

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