Calm design, open source, Cannes Lions and green IT


This week has seen Germany’s shocking exit from the World Cup, glorious weather and some spicy turns in Love Island. But we’ve delved deeper into the news to find five articles that we think are worth a read this week. 

Number 1 - Use your users’ time wisely

In Co.Design’s article, Amber Case, author of Calm Technology: Principles and Patterns for Non-Intrusive Design, highlights how products can be designed calmly; from testing in non- sterile environments, to considering how much the product overburdens a user’s attention. She gives readers key questions to ask when designing, buying or using products.

Number 2 - The struggle of open source maintainers

This week’s long read comes from Techcrunch, which examines open source sustainability. The journalist argues that when open source started it was a decentralised revolution, creation for creation’s sake. But now people are tired, and projects hosted openly aren’t being maintained. However, now people are trying to shift the economics of open source while still clinging onto the volunteer spirit. 

Number 3 - Cannes Lions cheat sheet

For the uninitiated, Cannes Lions is a coming together of brands and agencies to award the best work of the past year and discuss trends and challenges of the coming year, all under the sunny weather of the South of France. 

This year, Econsultancy has pulled together a short round up (only three points) of the major discussions of the festival. So keep an eye out for AI briefs, humanised technology, and major consolidation.  

Number 4 - Green IT

Computers and technology are not often discussed within the realm of environmentalism, but Raconteur notes, in its The Future CIO 2018 report, that “Information technology (IT) infrastructure and services permeate every function and department of a business.” As such, the CIO is in a unique position to drive sustainability throughout an organisation. IT produces a vast amount of CO2 emissions, and so the CIO must make the decision to leap into the new world of ‘green IT’. Check out the full article here, which outlines how companies can cut their carbon emissions. 

Number 5 - A design that’s out of touch with reality

This week from our Slack channels - a serious design flaw and a seriously funny response. We don’t want to give too much away so you can read about it here.

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