Product Thinking, Happy UX, and Team Psychology


Once again sunshine and the World Cup has been on the brain in between us reading the news. This week though, we’re super proud to have been named one of the top 25 SME Culture Leaders by Real Business and Breathe HR. But enough about us, here’s the Weekly Sett. 

Number 1 - Front-end ethics

Ethics in tech has become a growing topic, with more attention on the ‘why’ behind big online companies’ choice rather than simply accepting the new T&Cs. However, as Hidden Devries asks, what kind of ethics does a front-end developer need?

The publication suggests that, for those front end developers, this can come in the form of making sure the net is accessible, or using whatever impact you have to help make more diverse hiring decisions.  

Number 2- The secret to happy UX

When was the last time you looked at a screen and smiled at what you saw? At the ease of an interface, or just how nice something looked? Not recently we imagine. Fast Company looks at Lumines (the famous rhythm game) to highlight just what ‘happy UX’ is and how the Lumines game has achieved it. 

Number 3 - Psychology to bring it home

Another World Cup related read- this time on the changed psychology of the England team. Under the management of Gareth Southgate, and with help from Pippa Grant, the team psychologist, The Guardian outlines how things have changed under the new leadership. The increased presence of psychology plays a part, and the article notes that kindness and empathy, focusing positively on the steps towards a goal, and not fighting fear has created this new team that’s going to bring it home. 

Number 4- Coding Credit Score

We all know that the tech industry struggles with recruitment and finding developers to fill a never-ending need, as well as a need to implement more diverse recruiting practices is difficult. It looks like CodeSignal might have a solution, announcing plans for a ‘Coding Score’ rating system for developers. Techrepublic has outlined that the Coding Score will be a credit score equivalent used for tech recruitment. This score, ranging between 300 and 850, measures a developer’s overall implementation and problem solving skills. The score is hoped to help employers base decisions on skill set rather than external factors.  

Number 5 - Badger for sale
Looking to treat yourself? Check out this new hybrid- a taxidermied badger crossed with a theremin.  

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