Family computers, dev languages, and client briefs (Not the underpants)


Here’s what we’ve been reading this week, a look back at the family computer, looking forward to the future of retail, and more.  

Number one - The family computer

Think back, past the days of iPhones, apps, and Amazon’s Alexa. Think way back to the corner of the living room, the small cupboard room, or your parents’ office; think back to the family computer. The Verge has dived back to childhood era computers and looks back at the journeys these bulky computers made into the family home, battling ‘computerphobia’ to the modern era of multiple devices. The Verge also poses the question; "Should we go back to one shared device?"

Number two - Delving into devs

We’ve been enjoying this research report from Hackerrank, and not just for the sleek design but for the insight too. The study is based on a survey of over 39,000 developers and has uncovered some really interesting findings, from Python being the preferred language, to finding that the UK is leading the pack for younger coders.

Number three - Online/offline

The biggest topic within the retail world is the relationship between online and offline shopping. UX Collective asks whether the experience of purchasing goods online has changed the way that we physically purchase things, and looks at how we can bring the web-based notion of UX into the realm of the real world.

Number four - Keeping up with the times

The New York Times is one of the most well-known newspapers globally, and its website is read by millions. On its medium account, Times Open, The New York Times has revamped its desktop homepage to keep up with changing readership methods. The article outlines how the mammoth publisher changed its homepage to keep up with mobile readers and maintain a consistent experience throughout all platforms and screens.

Number five - Designers doing exactly what the client wants

To end on something a little more light-hearted, a company has begun mocking up requests exactly how a client has requested them… and the results are pretty amazing.

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