Firefox changes, meaningful work, and Agile in the real world


Here’s what we’ve read this week while waiting for the rain to go away and for the sun to return.

Number 1- Firefox changes its fur

Firefox is changing its logo, and it wants your help to do so. The flaming fox encircling a blue orb, the web browser’s logo since 2017, will be replaced with a new logo that will be created with the public’s help. This follows in the footsteps of Mozilla, which open sourced the process of selecting its new design and brand identity in 2017. Check out the two proposed brand systems (and logos) on Creative Bloq, and submit your feedback on the Firefox blog.

Number 2- Lean & Meaningful Work

Having a lean company can create more meaningful work for your employees, according to Raconteur. The article stipulates that there are millions of people doing ‘meaningless’ work, work that is unfulfilling for the employee and work that can be perceived as ‘pointless’. However, it also notes that through a tighter structure, businesses can create roles that have direction and create meaning for the workers. 

Number 3- Bank Security Mishaps

According to new research from Swansea University, UK banks aren’t using current web technologies to help ensure online banking transactions are secure. The research assessed 25 UK banks and building societies on their technical security measures. Of those banks, 14 haven’t upgraded their websites to enforce the use of current Transport Layer Security (TLS) cryptographic handshake protocols, which is required by PCI DSS. If modern TLS protocols aren’t enforced, people running older operating systems and browsers are most vulnerable to attack. Read more about the research on Wired.

Number 4- Expectations vs Reality: The product edition

It is extremely rare that a product ends up the original way you imagined it, nor is there any guarantee that it will be used for its intended purpose. UX Planet has illustrated the expectations and reality of product design and highlights how to tackle these expectations. 

Number 5- Agile in love

This week from the Badger slack is an interesting read on the application of agile in the real (non-business) world. Alanna Irving describes how she and her partner applied Agile Scrum tactics in their relationship. Applying agile; Irving notes that it's really about continuous improvement, not only in the work itself but also in the way you work. So, the pair translated Scrum methods into their relationship and once a month focused on ‘Relationship Retrospectives’ where they met up and opened up. Find out how it turned out for the pair and how you can apply this to your own relationships over on Medium.

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