Emojis, fonts, and design tips


With Storm Ali on the way, make sure you barricade the doors and windows, get some tins of spam ready, and read through some interesting articles that we’ve picked out for you from the past week.

Number 1 - What’s in an emoji?

Hieroglyphics have made a comeback, albeit in a more graphic, technologically-advanced form. From the 90s Japanese emoticons made of 8-bit, to our modern multihued mini-images, emojis have become a key pillar of communication today. But how are they made? The Guardian has hunted out the unspoken path that an emoji undergoes before being placed in our keyboards, highlighting the fact that anyone can propose a new emoji.

Number 2 - Find your banking match

Every sector has been impacted by technology, and with this new disruption comes new innovations. In the banking sector, this disruption has come in the form of open banking and new online tools. With this, however, comes the loss of face-to-face hours in local branches and dwindling loyalty. 

A Portland, Oregon-based bank, Umpqua, is challenging this problem with a new app. The app will let customers peruse profiles of bankers, and allow users to interact with them before setting foot in the branch. Find out more about the app, and how banks are tackling new problems with new tech over at Digiday.

Number 3 - Top design tips

We’re always sharing ‘life hacks’ with each other and on the lookout for more. This week, two of our design team, Cellyn Tan and Clementine Brown have provided theirs for a round-up in Creative Bloq on the 25 top life hacks for designers.

It’s filled with tips and tricks from pro designers across various industries from breaking down tasks to how to peel off a post-it (the latter being one of ours).

Number 4 - Twitter throwback

Twitter has announced it is allowing users to return to the chronological timeline, two years after replacing it with an algorithm. Will it be returning to its original design? We doubt it.

See the original sketch that Jack Dorsey, Twitter founder, drew up of the now widespread social media channel, over at Fast Company. The rough UI shows a status setting that could allow users to let followers know they were busy reading or in the park, as well as showing user’s name, phone, and email.

Number 5 -  Fanatic about fonts

Fonts are wonderful things, conveying a new mood with a single serif, or showing a fun attitude with a slight curve. If you get as ecstatic as we do over a new font, you’re going to love the new Font Review Journal. The new publication helps designers discover new typefaces and provides a new depth of knowledge of much beloved old favourites. Learn more about a font’s historical context and aesthetic benefits over at Font Review Journal.

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