Red Badger in the News: Women in Tech Edition


At Red Badger we pride ourselves on championing women in tech and women in business. With a 50-50 gender split on the Red Badger leadership team, we believe in the power of women in the workplace, and aren’t afraid to shout about it too.

International Women's Day 2018

On International Women’s Day 2018, Amy Crimmens, Head of Community Engagement at Red Badger, discussed the changes needed to make tech more inclusive with IT Pro and IDG Connect, including Red Badger’s ‘clean slate’ approach when it comes to starting salaries and having a culture that reflects the diversity of your employees.

International Women's Day 2017

For International Women’s Day 2017, Irish Tech News notes the rift sexism in the tech industry, but also highlights the work Red Badger does towards gender equality. Cain Ullah (our CEO) discusses how Red Badger champion inclusivity and respect for everyone in the company, and within the tech industry.

Gender equality in tech

Back in 2016, Red Badger was featured in the London Evening Standard, highlighting our gender ratio. David Wynne, our COO, notes that to enable gender equality you must create an attractive culture for both men and women. Alongside this, we spoke to Gadgette about how to make a job advert gender neutral, opening up potential job roles to everyone.

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