Apple news, fresh job titles and tackling loneliness with tech

mar_29_2019_1024This week, we've been reading about Apple's announcements, the ways in which tech can tackle loneliness, subtle logo references and more.

Number one - Taking another bite of the Apple

Apple’s been venturing into new realms as of late. Firstly, the company announced its latest push on video streaming, Apple TV Plus, to land grab against the likes of Netflix and Amazon - as if we didn’t have enough services to mindlessly browse through before watching a show we’ve seen 100 times. Then, it went and announced a credit card. Besides a minimalist design, what else does the new card have to offer? Check out this article by Wired for more and this article from Finimize for a summary on all of it.

Number two - Automate a new job title

Dreaming of a new, fancy job title? Perhaps Delegate of Authority or Silly Design Hound for Visual Communication. Well, look no further than this creative industry title generator and then go and speak to your boss about becoming the next Design Priest. Read more about the generator’s backstory here.

Number three - Tackling loneliness with tech

Mobile network, Vodafone, has released a report: Harnessing Technology to Tackle Loneliness. One finding is that tech can have a positive impact on the wellbeing of older people - helping to alleviate loneliness and isolation. The report collates different sources of research and found over 1.5 million people over 50 experience regular feelings of loneliness. Read more at Design Week.

Number four - Subtle design references

Creative Bloq has pulled together a list of logos that have hidden references (Easter eggs) within them. So you can sit back, try to find the hidden reference, read on for the answer and say: ‘well, I never!’ or ‘I knew that’.

Number five - Top digital stats of the week

A round-up within a round-up. We love econsultancy’s digital marketing stats of the week articles because you can ask your office things like: ‘guess how many consumers are blocking ads?’ (answer: 47%) and ‘how many marketers ‘will never truly understand’ customer buying decisions?’ (answer: 20%). It’s like a pub quiz in an article.

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