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A history of Lean in 10 books

The term “lean” is thrown around a lot in the software world these days. It's the new agile. In reality, most people don't really understand what is meant by lean, or at least what was meant by the those who pioneered the movement.

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The Red Badger Library

When I was about 18, my Grandma came into a small amount of money and decided that she would gift some of it to my sister, my brother and I. This money was to be kept in our savings account and used for something meaningful. I chose to use some of…

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All Your Base 2013

Last Friday Joe and I attended All Your Base in Oxford "a database conference for web developers".  There were speakers from MIT, Lanyard, Hailo and Box to name but a few.

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The Science of Estimating

Estimating software development is hard, but that's no reason to ignore it. What can we learn from the scientific method and how can we apply it to our projects?

Estimating how long something is going to take is a part of everyday life, and as most…

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What OS do you use and why?

As anyone who has followed Red Badger’s progress over the last 3 years will no doubt know, we’ve changed a fair bit from when we started out. Undoubtedly a good thing - being adaptable is what we’re all about and the only way to survive.

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Tech Round Table 2012

Last Tuesday we got together as a tech team (developers, testers, agile project managers) and held a Tech Round Table of 2012. The premise was simple - let’s make a list of all the tech we’d used in 2012 and then figure out what we liked best, what…

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Birdsong Retirement

Today we’re announcing the imminent removal of Birdsong, our Windows Phone Twitter client, from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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From Exchange to Google Apps for Business

Since Red Badger started we've used a hosted MS Exchange Server from Rackspace and of course Outlook. The service has always been excellent; the uptime, the support and the speed. Never once have we really had cause for complaint, so why move?

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Life in Ubuntu

As a man who has spent his entire life using and making a living from working with Microsoft Windows, be it desktop or server, dipping my toe in the water of another OS has always been something I've frankly tried to avoid. However there comes a…

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Windows Phone 7 - Two Years On

It's that time of the year again, when all the big players and related hardware manufacturers try to out do each other with product launches and roadmap announcements. Amazon has announced a new range of tablets/Kindles, Nokia a couple of new…