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Devising a Training Budget

We go to quite a lot of effort at Red Badger to find the right people to employ, people who will invest themselves in our company and what we’re trying to achieve; all very noble.  But as with all good relationships, it’s not just about the take but…

David Wynne

The Concept Lab: Stories From The Front

The Concept Lab has become an ever popular way of exploring and proofing big ideas and new concepts, but making it work and getting it right is far from easy.

Last Wednesday I was invited by one of our partners, Fluxx, to talk at an evening event…

David Wynne

Birdsong Feedback Is Moving

One of the changes we’re making with the upcoming release of v1.1 of Birdsong is how we deal with support and feedback. As of today we have moved support, feedback, user forums and feature requests all under one happy roof at our brand new support…

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Birdsong Quick Tip: Tweet Property Icons

One of our favourite features of Birdsong is the Tweet Property Icons – they appear to the bottom right of tweets in your timeline and quickly let you know what lies within.  Here’s a quick run-down of what they look like and what they mean.

David Wynne

Talking XNA with Shawn Hargreaves and Charles Cox

To a lot of .Net developers XNA often appears to be a bit of an enigma - they might know roughly what it is, but they’re not really sure of its placement in the market or relevance to their work.  With Windows Phone 7 XNA is being edged into the…

David Wynne

XPF: Introducing Adapters (and Clipping)

One of the things we’ve always been very careful to do with XPF is to make sure that it doesn’t really know anything about XNA.  Everything is interface driven and the link to XNA is only made at the “last minute” in the implementation of those…

David Wynne

Introducing XPF – A Layout Framework for XNA

Update (2012-07-05):  We’re very proud to announce the public beta of XPF – a layout framework for XNA on Windows & Windows Phone 7. For too long performing 2D layouts in XNA has been an arduous task, the simplest of layouts often produces verbose…