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Cross-functional teams without UXD

This title is a bit of an oxymoron. You can’t really call it a cross-functional team if there isn’t UX and Design in it to deliver your product. But we see so many times we have to dig deep to keep these disciplines in our delivery teams.

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Good design is accessible: top tips

But, but... accessibility makes design less creative…?

Well, no. Good design is inherently accessible. Saying it stops you being creative is a bad excuse for NOT doing a good design. I’m going to take you through why it is so, purely from a visual…

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Ampersand 2013

I confess, I haven't been in touch with the latest and greatest of typography for quite a while. So it was great to get reacquainted at Ampersand Conference at Brighton last month. A little late, but I thought I will give a round up of my take aways.

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Agile Survival Guide for Designers

Are you a designer about to work in agile teams? Or are you a scrum master and don’t know how to handle your ever so grumpy creatives?

Red Badger works with agile methodology and I really like the way we work here. Surprised to hear a designer…

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Return of Swiss Typography – Metro

It's been a month already (where has my month gone?) since  I attended a workshop for Windows Phone Design Clinic on Thursday 10 May at Soho, London, organised by Microsoft and Nokia.

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UX for every one - UX developers are here.

I always had a problem with the term 'User Experience (UX)' being used to describe a particular discipline - not that I don't agree with the fact that's what they are predominantly concerned with. I just don't like that it seems to imply that other…