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Red Badger in the News: Women in Tech Edition

At Red Badger we pride ourselves on championing women in tech and women in business. With a 50-50 gender split on the Red Badger leadership team, we believe in the power of women in the workplace, and aren’t afraid to shout about it too.

Opinion,Badger Life Nathalie Goepel

Why Red Badger is promoting web accessibility and why we need your help.

Accessibility is a subject close to our hearts and we think we can’t shout enough about this so often ignored topic. So last Thursday, on Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we concentrated all our forces on raising awareness for this important subject.

Find out why we believe it’s important, what we did and why we think businesses are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Leadership,Badger Life Cain Ullah

Red Badger - eight years and maturing nicely

It is crazy that three years have already passed since I was writing a similar blog post to this, celebrating Red Badger turning 5. In that previous post I started by mentioning how time goes so quickly and that still rings true. I cannot believe it has been 8 years since Stu, Dave and I started this company.

Badger Life Sinem Erdemli

Have you stretched your mind this week?

Everyone knows how good you feel after a workout. The positive effect movement has on mental health is well proven. Yoga specifically is being offered as a complementary treatment to psychotherapy. To me, yoga has had great impact on both my mental and physical health.

Badger Life Jen Spottiswoode

Let’s talk about mental health

Mental health is a topic close to many badger’s hearts and last year we collectively nominated Mind as our company charity. Since then, we’ve been working to become a mentally healthy workforce; reducing the stigma associated with mental health and normalising discussions about mental health and wellbeing.