Technology Red Badger Team

A fireside chat with Viktor Charypar and Paul Frazee

Last week we invited Paul Frazee, co-founder of Beaker Browser to speak at our very first We love meet up about peer to peer. Our Tech Lead Viktor  'e-met' Paul via twitter when his blog 'The end of the cloud: A truly serverless web' went viral. We asked them to pick up their conversation about peer-to-peer and the end of the cloud in our Badger HQ so we could share their thoughts and opinions with you.

Opinion Jen Spottiswoode

Plastic is not fantastic

In January 2018, on a holiday in Thailand, my husband and I saw the terrible effect plastic waste is having on our oceans and beaches. We decided to give up disposable plastic for lent; from eating, to shopping, to cleaning and everything in between, we tried to cut out all plastic waste from our lives. Here’s how we got on.

Opinion,Badger Life Andrea Moore

There’s no (P) I in Team. But there is a me.

Ever thought about using a psychometric test to help with a team building day? We used Predictive Index to help the Brand, Sales and Marketing team at Red Badger get to know each other better and discover the over arching strengths and weaknesses of the team as a whole.

Technology Matt Paul

We love peer to peer web

Last Wednesday, we hosted the first meetup under our new tech community brand The idea is to host regular meetups, each with a different theme. The theme might be a particular framework or language or it could be something broader like “music and tech”.

UX & Design Sasha Ward

Information Architecture in 2018

The role of an IA has changed over time, with its popularity decreasing and the broader title of user experience (UX) increasing. Whilst still being a specialist role, it is more frequently seen as part of a broad set of skills that are used by product and UX designers.

Badger Life,Technology Reece Wykes

Helping to weave a rainbow

We are very proud to be working with Pride in London on their events app to be in user's hands in time for the forthcoming festival. In this blog we're sharing some photos of what we've been up to.

Technology Mark Holland

React London Meetup - February 2018

The February edition of React London brought us to the World Remit offices located between Westminster and Victoria. The sound of drinks and conversation filled the room but noticeably absent was the promised pizza.

Badger Life,UX & Design Sari Griffiths

Launching Red Badger Design School

What is the Red Badger Design School and why have we launched it? To create an opportunity for all of our teams to develop their design thinking, regardless of their role. We believe this helps our cross-functional teams deliver better results for our clients and we love doing it. See the pictures here.