Opinion Greg Dorward

Accessibility: Five steps to start now

Thursday the 18th of May is Global Accessibility Awareness Day. As part of our effort to promote this event, we’ve put together five steps that anyone involved in web development can take to make the internet a more inclusive environment for all. This guide is by no means exhaustive, but can be treated as a starting point for anyone wanting to learn more about the subject.

Opinion Nathalie Goepel

Becoming a marketing rockstar, part 1

In the last couple of years OMR has become one of the top events in the digital marketing sector by attracting the industry professionals with top international star speakers and a lot of rock. 
The first day consisted of an Expo with 200 exhibitors, masterclasses, guided tours as well as a large stage with lectures on Influencer, Content, SEO marketing and much more. The second day was all about the conference - the heart and soul of OMR. The whole stage setting was inspired by a rock concert. Over 5000 seats and a huge lighted up stage including a bar on the left reserved for influencer of the industry. I’ve took part for the first time and summarised the highlights for you below.

UX & Design Sasha Ward

Hats off to you developers

This time 3 months ago (give or take) I didn't have much of an understanding of how to code. I’d been working with digital products for two years by then but my background in product/industrial design meant that I had been focussed on creating models with my hands, using physical materials to visualise and prototype my designs rather than delving into software and programming. 

News,Badger Life Lani Shamash

Red Badger’s got GAYE

Here at Red Badger we’ve been thinking about how we can deliver more social value as a company. And one of the simplest ways was payroll giving, aka Give As You Earn.

Opinion,Badger Life Lani Shamash

Let’s talk about creating social value, honestly.

Some talk a lot and do very little, others do a bit out of legal obligation or because they want to pay less tax. And while good PR and a lower tax bill may be an added bonus, neither of these things came up when Red Badger’s staff decided to form a group to enable ourselves to create more social impact.

News Red Badger Team

The seven year itch

Today marks seven years since the inauguration of Red Badger and to celebrate we've pulled some highlights from each year and random facts together.

Technology Dominik Piatek

Creating interactive audio visualisations with Clojurescript, Figwheel and Web Audio

For years, one of the great strengths of writing code for the browser was the short feedback loop. Write some HTML, Javascript and CSS, hit refresh. See it sparkle. Rinse and repeat. In time, we've lost some of that power; web apps are a lot more complex these days, code is often compiled and our applications have a lot more state, which is lost on refresh and so our quick feedback loop is gone. Figwheel is a library for Clojurescript that aims to give us some of that power back, provided you will write "re-loadable" code. I wasn't really sure what that would entail, so I set out to make a project - a tiny library for creating audio visualisations, that would let you change the graphics while the music is playing.

Alex Savin

SXSW 2017 - chatbots, wearables and Stephen Wolfram

South by Southwest is not just a single thing. It is a collection of conferences, festivals, events that consume the whole of downtown Austin, Texas. Generally, the tech events we go to are neatly contained in a singular venue, where everyone is brought to socialise and enjoy a series of talks for a reasonable duration of 1-3 days. SXSW lasts for a good week and a half, takes over the city and throws everyone into a fascinating mix of inspiration and madness.

Opinion,Technology Kadi Kraman

The Three Pigs - how to structure your React-Redux application

Similar to the three pigs building progressively sturdier houses, we gradually arrived at solutions providing better maintainability and a more efficient developer experience. From beginning with straw, progressing to wood and now iterating further with stone, here is our story.

News Red Badger Team

A new milestone for Red Badger

When we started Red Badger, we did it because we believed that there was a better way to help businesses transform digitally than the consultancy options that were available at the time. We set out to create an environment where great people could do great work focused on quality, value and collaboration. Nearly seven years later, we still believe this is true.

Technology Marcel Cutts

A pioneer's guide to Alexa

Have you seen Star Trek? If you haven’t, you should. One of the pieces of future tech that is quietly on display throughout the show is the ability to talk to the computer. Whether it’s asking the computer where someone is or ordering a cup of earl grey tea - the computer has no problem understanding the questions it is asked, and who’s asking them.

Roman Schejbal

Skilling Up With Alexa

For the last couple of weeks, Graham, Marcel, Sinem and I have been experimenting with Amazon’s Alexa Echo Dot. An Electric Hockey Puck that uses voice recognition powered by Amazon Alexa voice assistant. In this blog I’d like to explain how one goes about creating their first Alexa skill.

UX & Design Sinem Erdemli

Designing a talkative hockey puck

VUI is new territory for both developers and designers. Developers are ramping up their skills to make machines take inputs and make sense of them better, while designers work on making the interaction less mechanic

Technology,Badger Life Fabio Volpe

Karma Tracker

Karma Tracker is a Red Badger project, implemented in Clojure, that tracks contributions to OpenSource projects by the members of an organisation.