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We find the right people, people who are hungry to be part of positive change, and give them everything they need to succeed

There’s a bunch of things that I’m not proud of in our industry. Bitcoin mining consuming so much energy whilst we desperately need to switch to 100% renewables. An army of self-taught “engineers” finding their way in an industry that has no formal qualifications. The internet being used for great good and excessive evil. Tech powerhouses in Silicon Valley sacrificing the world’s trust for greed. It seems to me that we have a lot of problems to fix. Problems that we made ourselves.

And now more than ever we need to earn trust. As we venture into the world of gene editing, artificial intelligence that may surpass our own, quantum computing that may make the crypto-graphical basis of our security completely useless and last, but by no means least, we are trying to pitt technology against the looming irreversible climate change.

Red Badger is 9 years old (Happy Birthday!). Throughout that time we have been constantly trying to understand what responsible and sustainable value creation through software product looks like. We’ve been honing what we internally call the “Badger Way”, which throws its tentacles through every aspect of delivering value for consumers (with consistently high quality and pace). Tight iterations are a common theme resulting in continuous incremental improvement and evolution.

Not only is trust in tech giants at an all-time low, but big consultancies are also out of favour and struggle to deliver quality and value (see Hertz vs Accenture). It’s in this context that Red Badger is trying to lead the way, with absolute attention to every part of the problem. We have to do the right thing and we have to do it right. And we have to do all these things, all the time. Nothing else is going to work, if we’re going to fix this mess.

Red Badger’s clients are usually very large organisations that freely admit that they struggle to be efficient or even deliver at all. They need (and want) to transform and learn how to be effective. We help them do that and then gradually get out of the way, leaving behind a legacy that everyone is proud of.

From 30,000 feet, this is actually very simple. We find the right people, people who are hungry to be part of positive change and give them everything they need to succeed. And the autonomy to try out their ideas and foster the best of them. If you experiment enough and evolve what works it doesn’t actually take that long to see amazing results.

From the ground, it looks slightly different. Lots of hard work, and ceaselessly exploring better ways to bring about the changes we all want to see.

So, what am I proud of? Well, I’m proud of our people. A really strong team that continues to amaze me. They make it happen. It’s all their hard work, energy and love which is trying to fundamentally change the world that we are learning to live (and hopefully thrive) in.

Red Badger is growing and we’re looking for new Badgers to join us. If you want to be part of the team, check out the job openings here.

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