Design trends, smart speakers, and the Dvorak keyboard


In between deciding whether to pack away your winter clothes and dust off your sunglasses, here’s some articles we enjoyed this week.

Number one - Beige is the new pink

Our friends over at Creative Bloq have been speaking to a load of creatives to explore some graphic design trends for 2019. Looking at what was emerging last year and where they’re heading, the article covers everything from browns and beiges replacing the go-to Millennial pink of 2018, to sophisticated typography and motion graphics.

Number two - Alexa? Tell me more about your creative uses

Creative Review has pulled together a feature on some of the more creative ways that you can use smart speakers. From choose-your-own stories and quizzes to interactive dramas, find out how some brands are using voice in innovative ways.

Number three - Moderation in all things

“Everything in moderation” or “moderation in all things” are common sayings, yet, how often do you look around and see this practised? Whether it’s a workaholic colleague or a friend taking on the Three Peaks Challenge and training for a marathon, extremism is all around us. Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, author of HBR’s article ‘In praise of extreme moderation’ explains how you can put into practice finding extreme moderation - the balance between doing nothing and doing too much.

Number four - A trip down memory lane

While fans wait for the next series of Black Mirror, here’s a fascinating-yet-terrifying article on BBC to get you through. Picture this: you can scroll through your memories like a social media feed, pick some out to relive and then suddenly, a hacker has seized them and is demanding ransom money or else they’ll be deleted. According to the article, ‘brainjacking’ isn’t as unbelievable as it might sound.

Number five - Dvorak vs QWERTY

While the rest of the technology world moves on quickly, the QWERTY keyboard has remained strong for 146 years. One journalist at The Verge has been using the Dvorak layout, invented in the 1930s, for ten years. Find out more about the differences between QWERTY and Dvorak, and what he learned here.

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