Emotions, data, and a new kilogram

The Weekly Sett: Emotions and Recommendations, 2. UX for users, 3. Data driven teams, 4. The Biz Dev 100, 5. Metric makeover

As the fireworks die down and the anticipation of big retailer Christmas adverts becomes real, here are some articles to take your mind off things.

Number 1 - Emotions and recommendations

More and more websites are recommending new things to buy or try, the most recognisable being Netflix’s recommendation system. New movies and shows are constantly being suggested to users, but Boxes and Arrows suggests that while the system follows updated theories of emotion, it still lacks essential components (such as incorporating context deflection analysis into recommendations), meaning recommendations can sometimes miss the mark. 

Number 2 - UX for users

We spend hours looking at our phones, for business and leisure, and how things are arranged on screen matter greatly for our user experience. While many know and love the iPhone interface, Samsung is picking up speed with a new UX called One UI, which champions simplicity and user focus. Fast Company outlines how the new UX is empathetic to its users, drawing eyes to what matters and minimising distraction. 

Number 3 - Data driven teams

One cannot make bricks without clay, one cannot build products without data. As data becomes the foundation of many projects, the importance of having all team members understanding just what those noughts and ones mean cannot be understated. Harvard Business Review has created a five-point guide to making data-driven teams, including thinking like a data scientist through practicals (rather than a book), and understanding why causation does not always equal correlation.  

Number 4 - The Biz Dev 100

Our very own Ingrid Olmesdahl has been interviewed by The Drum. The piece follows her ranking on the Biz Dev 100 list, which aims to recognise and celebrate the important role played in media and marketing industries by those who source and bring in new customers. Her interview gives insight into her winning approach to business and other top tips on business development. 

Number 5 - Metric makeover

The world of science is abuzz with the news that the measurement of the kilogram will be changed. Le Grand K, a cylinder of platinum-iridium alloy and the 130-year-old reference for the world’s standard for mass, will be retired by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures at the 26th General Conference on Weights and Measures next week (yes, these are all very real and very serious organisations).

The standard for one kilogram, from which all other weights are calculated, will be replaced with a natural phenomenon, eliminating the last physical artefact used to define a unit. To learn more about this scientific shake up check out Science Magazine for the full story of the death of Le Grand K.

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